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Not Quitting

2010-05-14 23:28:05 by DitchyMitchyJ

So I was gonna quit but uh...I think I'll stick around. Things won't change, I'll probably still remain inactive for quite some time, and I won't make any user images unless I become more active, but I do still have ideas for flash games, it's just I lack time. So if I ever get the time, I'll make some, for sure.

Peace out


2010-04-24 20:30:24 by DitchyMitchyJ

Well. Lesse...umm basically read this if your on this page and don't know what's going on...

So If you think im someone you know from another account around the internet, i might be. I still have multiple accounts here on newgrounds as im unaware as to how to delete them.

Anyway im officially quitting unless any of the projects i was collaborating on are still a go ahead, but other than that i am quitting newgrounds and flash.

I have a youtube account, channel is DitchyMitchyJ. feel free to subscribe, might put material up soon.

So anyway yeah, im just not interested in making flash, or using this site...and i hope to christ that everything on the internet about me that COULD be deleted, has been.